Facial Rejuvenation


Fine Wrinkle Reduction

Facial Massage Techniques




Angela specializes in both hyponotherapy and facial rejuvenation procedures, and is a licensed esthetician with certification in advanced treatments such as microdermabrasion, chemical peels and LED. She excels in special facial message techniques that tighten facial muscles for a more youthful appearance.



Angela has also developed a method for inducing deep relaxation during hypnofacial treatments, which result in stress reduction and can diminish fine lines for more smooth and tight looking skin.  




  • World- class European skin care treatments. During your facial treatment, Angela will conduct a thorough dermal analysis and help you select the perfect treatment according to your preference.

  • To make your facial treatments relaxing, Angela will provide a moisturizing hand treatment and a relaxing facial, neck and shoulder massage.

  • Choose from a complimentary scalp or arm massage during your masque therapy.

  • All services include aromatherapy with pure essential oils.